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New Power LEG® knee pads support your thighs and calves to reduce pressure on your knees. It supports your two legs firmly to provide you with the ability to carry any heavy object easier than ever. Great work, who is the one who left, who is huddled all day with the workers, delivery people who carry big bags every day, even hikers and down the mountains.

START Healing, Speeding up RECOVERY- Lets you feel the light and let you go with your activities, and you can easily lift each knee. Compressed inflection point sets for full-dimensional protection, giving you more attention to any area of ​​maximum support to reduce arthritis pain, torn meniscus tears, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, cartilage, prevention of over-stretching, etc; Knee wraps provide compression and compression Support for tibia pain relief help and recovery of injuries.
The small TRONG lifting and powering knee joint stabilizer pad can withstand a weight of about 20 kg. It is effective to reduce about 40kg from a person's own weight. This is a groundbreaking product that allows you to easily lift your knees when you bend over or rub your legs.
VERSATILE- is ideal for sports such as hiking, cycling, golf, badminton, and exercise.
Work BUDDY - These powerful knee pads support the thighs and calves so they can be used in any workplace.
HIGH-Quality - Durable, lightweight aluminum body with a spring-made spring. Stretched up to 36 kg stronger knees, easy to velcro length control, and can be worn inside or outside the clothes.
Breathable MESH - It's comfortable, whether it's worn directly on your bare knees or wrapped in your pants.
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Rugged and easy to use, it can be worn outside your clothes with its Velcro-type length control. (one size fits all):