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Self Adhesive Leather Sticker



  • Our Self Adhesive Leather Sticker is the best in the business at repairing your old, worn-out leather furniture or clothing
  • If you've ever had to repair or patch a leather jacket, you know how expensive it can get and how long it takes. With this patch, you can fix your clothing in hours not days!
  • Plus our patch will save you tons of money as it can help repair scratches, cracks, and tears right from your home.Don't throw away your torn or broken furniture, repair it with our Leather Repair Patch™. The best alternative to expensive liquid repair kits!
  • Durable & Waterproof

Our Leather Repair Patch™ is made of high-quality PU leather which is waterproof and durable. Not only that, but the material is soft and eco-friendly. Plus it the adhesive component won't smell like other stick products!

  • Seemless Repair

Our Leather Repair Patch™ does a great job covering holes without curling or creating a seam. It also is able to conform to uneven surfaces wonderfully, making your repair job seem unnoticeable. The excellent adhesion ensures that the material will stay in place, making your old leather furniture or clothing seem brand new again!

  • Easy to Use 

Our Leather Repair Patch™is so simple to use. Because it is self-adhesive, you just need to peel, stick, and press! After 24 hours or more, your leather will look good as new. The longer, the stronger it sticks! No glue or complicated stitching necessary! 

  • Works on Multiple Surfaces

Our Leather Repair Patch™ can be used on many different surfaces. It works great on leather, vinyl, and many other upholstery fabrics. You can use this to repair car seats, sofas, handbags, suitcases, leather jackets, and all other leather products!

  • Don't Throw it Away, Quickly Fix it!

Our Leather Repair Patch™ is exactly what you need if your favorite leather coat has been torn. This patch does an excellent job of covering scratches or gouges. A few seconds of self-adhesive bonding can quickly rescue your favorite furniture without spending too much on upholstery repairs services!

  • Cut to Size

Use scissors to cut our Leather Repair Patch™ to fit whatever shape or size you need. This allows you to customize each repair job, ensuring that you have enough space to fix your sofa without leaving an obvious looking patch!

  • Material: PU Self-adhesive Leather.
  • Size: 1PC (Suitable for 7.9*11.8 inch), If you need to repair larger items, please buy more patches to use together.
  • 1 x Leather Repair Self-Adhesive Patches.
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