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Vegetable Chopper Dicer Slicer Cutter

Vegetable Chopper Dicer Slicer Cutter Manual/Vegetable Grater with 11 Interchangeable Blades -Multi-functional Adjustable Vegetable & Fruit Chopper Dicer with Storage Container

EASY TO USE - chop, slice or dice in one easy swift motion.

GOOD QUALITY - Equipped with premium super sharp stainless steel blades and excellent reinforced plastic frame and body, heavy duty and long lasting life.

FAST -Chop up vegetables, fruits, and more in one simple press motion. Experience fast and easy kitchen blade skills.

PERFECT FOR FOOD - TWELVE piece blade selection, so you can achieve the perfect cut or dice of your choice.

BPA FREE and premium stainless steel, so guaranteed not to rust over time.

√√√ In order to save your chopper, please pre-cut vegetable in the small quarter before chopping.
Peel off the Old Skin and the very Slippery Skin of it in the surface, cut the Big Onion into 4 small pieces, cut the Big Potato or Carrot into 2 pieces or more small pieces.

12 In 1 Set Versatile Kitchen Tools
Support more than 12 functions, such as peeling, cutting into shreds, cutting into small pieces, cut into 4 equal pieces, cut into 8 equal pieces, slicing, dicing, grating, chopping etc..Includes a variety of thick and thin slicing options, fine and coarse grating and shredding options.

Save Time and Safety Lock
Cut prep time in half. Make work of canning and preserving food fast. This onion slicer does a better job on a taco salad than mandolines and slicers twice the price and lock position for safe storage.

Convenient & User-Friendly
You may store the attachments back into the container or separately after use. Super easy and safe to use.

Sharp Blades
All of them have sharp blades with a fine edge, cutting easily and quickly, works well with potato chips, tomatoes, carrots, radish, cucumber, wire cheese, lime, onion, etc.

How to Clean?
Rinse directly with tap water when cleaning, wipe up and air-dry the accessories. (To avoid scratching the surface, do not scrub the surface with a clean ball).

1 x Big dicing blade
1 x Small dicing blade
1 x Straight dicing blade
1 x Slicing blade
1 x Grater
1 x Spike rater
1 x Hand protector
1 x Food container
1 x Cleaning brush

1. Keep away from children. This is not a toy.
2. Avoid soaking blades in water for a long period of time, this will cause rust.
3. To avoid losing attachments, please try to keep all attachments in the plastic container when not in use.
4. The transparent container is fragile, please refrain from storing it in high places, to prevent breaking.
5. Do not store near heat. It is not safe for microwave or oven safe.
6. Not dishwasher safe. Hand washes/Rinse only.